Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Democracy: Slavery of the Individual by the Group

"Political Islam has never embraced freedom or rights; historically, its brutality was curbed only when ruled by autocrats like the Shah in Iran, Saddam in Iraq, and Mubarak in Egypt. Democracy zealots among Western intellectuals and U.S. political leaders have sabotaged such autocrats (and U.S. allies) in the region, in favor of overt enemies. Starting in 1979 in Iran, it was out with the secular military regime and in with a tyrannical theocracy; ever since then, but especially after 9/11, the pattern has been repeated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya. The U.S. apologized for supporting secular rule and helped oust allies, in favor of elected theocrats and Islamic constitutions. From Carter to Obama the U.S. has preferred cold-bloodied, religious tyranny, as long as it arrived by majority vote. " -- Richard Salsman

The Religion That's Killing The World Isn't Just Islam, It's Also Democracy