Friday, December 17, 2010

Freedom Doesn’t Have a Prayer

Without Proper Principles, We All Are Impotent

Who Needs Sharia?

It cannot be said any better:

"This story exemplifies a common problem in the West that conservatives dislike, but seem almost completely impotent to address: Moslems understand that many already-existing, illegitimate laws can easily be commandeered to enforce their religious dicta. Conservatives, almost all without convincing arguments against such laws (and quite a few being would-be theocrats who would behave similarly, if given the chance) end up becoming angry at Moslems which, although justified, is not alone an effective response."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Fix the Tax Code: Five Pro-Growth Policies for Congress

Tax Cuts and Leftists

Learn to use words and concepts properly. Spending, not tax cuts, add to the deficit.

Not Increasing Taxes is Not a Tax Cut

If Republicans had just said no, they could have waited a few weeks until they have a majority and proposed a bill that permanently reduces taxes while cutting spending. This program of cutting taxes, spending, and reducing the size of government is why we elected them. Their leaders have already begun to fail, and they haven't even been sworn in.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Obamessiah Is Losing His Flock

The presidential succession begins

After 10 years of Democrats denouncing the Bush tax cuts for the rich, Obama wants them to flip the switch so he can be the big hero. For Obama, denouncing the rich was rhetoric. He’s a multi-millionaire. Come on. But for guys like Bernie Sanders and Alan Grayson, it is what they believe.

Obama should have asked them first before selling them out.

He blew it. He had the worst midterm election — worst grade — of any president since Harry Truman. Don’t hand me that Reagan crap. In his first mid-term, Reagan lost a mere 28 House seats and gained two Senate seats.

The people like Obama. They hate his policies. And over time, the charm wears off, particularly as the unemployment rate remains high.

Yes, things would be easier if we had 5% unemployment.

Whose fault is that?

Who was given trillions to blow as he sees fit?

It didn’t work.

Couldn't Be Any Other Way

The Dems' Crackup
The party is, in a phrase, cracking up. Asked to decide between a radical progressive ideology of income- and wealth-redistribution and sensible economic proposals that would bring economic growth and prosperity, the Democrats have chosen the former.

The president read the tea leaves correctly and compromised with the Republicans on taxes. He got the message at least. Sadly, the same can't be said for the rest of his party.

Taxation Is Theft, Not Stimulus

For the good things column, seeing a conservative focused on a distinction of principle:

Bloomberg uses the quirk of phrase that shows he hasn't absorbed the most basic message of the Tea Party movement.

Damn straight! Tax cuts are not stimulus, or putting money in people's hands. Cutting taxes is one many important actions we need to be taking to limit government, to keeping the government from stealing our money, our property, and our liberty.

Taxation is theft. No matter the type, taxation is government taking our wealth by force.

Tax Cuts Without Spending Cuts Are Meaningless

Sunday, December 12, 2010

9 Years Later, No Safer

Campus Media Response: Intrusive Airport Security at Home is the Inevitable Price of Weakness Abroad

Some may find it difficult to believe that our wars in the Middle East have been inhibited. But the war against Islamic totalitarianism (the ideology espoused by terrorist groups like al-Qaeda) has now dragged on for nine years, nearly twice the length of World War II. Yet the enemy we face is far weaker than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan. Why is it that a comparatively weaker enemy continues to threaten us?

Abolish the TSA

FDA and ObamaCare vs Medicine

The Avastin Travesty
A cancer-fighting drug vs. an out-of-control federal agency.
by Thomas Bowden

Defund the FDA

Privatize Space Travel

PJTV: Privatized Space Exploration

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
by Robert Heinlein

Mars: Who Should Own It
by Ron Pisaturo