Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels and Demons

I just returned from seeing 'Angels and Demons', and as with the lastest Star Trek flick, I will opt for pointing you to Scott Holleran's review of the film, thus saving my time and energy for more interesting endeavors:

'Angels and Demons'

I will add that just the like 'Da Vinci Code', I enjoyed the style, the cinematography, and the acting, but neither movie was great art. Both lacked an ending fitting their scope and subject matter; this is primarily the fault of author. Both of Dan Brown's novels were page turners...until the end. Whereupon you realize that he was never going to deliver the final blows.

However, I would like to share my favorite line from the movie, which was worth the price of admission. One of the bad guys (an assassin) sets the context by telling Langdon and Vittoria of all the priests of various religions that had hired him to do "God's work" and then delivers the following line:

"Be careful. These are men of God"

The line was great, the context perfect, but as Mr. Holleran wrote, "[b]y the time it’s over, the plot has had it every which way—going back and forth between condemning and condoning the Catholic Church..."

This movie like the books on which they are based are essentially modern; they neither stand for reason and against faith, nor for faith above reason. They are a hash of mixed premises, thus the reason the movie does not move you to jump to your feet either in support or in outrage. I still love the line, though.


Because you are reading the Aesthetic Capitalist, I want to add that there was a helluva lot of great art in this movie, thank you Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael! If I get time this weekend, I will certainly post a few of my favorite images. Not that I needed it, but I now have just that much more motivation to visit Italy within the next year.

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