Saturday, August 30, 2008

Capitalism Resources

The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism has recently launched a new mini site:

Capitalism Resources

Here is a snippet from a piece on Competition:

In economic competition, the actions that various competitors take to “win” are different. In a capitalist system, individuals compete to be a more successful or more efficient producer of wealth. Whether in the form of earning a wage, inventing a new machine, manufacturing an electronic device, or hiring the best employee, competition in economic life always involves producing and offering values. When different individuals “compete” in the economic realm, they are each achieving a productive value—they each create wealth. Although one producer may exceed the others in success (he may sell more or earn more profits or hire better employees), the producers who have not “won” nevertheless have achieved something of value appropriate to their own productive effort. They may hire some other employee or sell some milk or make some profit. This point has been concretized well by philosopher Harry Binswanger. He notes that “if the New York Yankees could choose between winning by a score of 2 to 1 or losing by a score of 9 to 10, they would unhesitatingly choose winning, even though it means scoring fewer runs.” By contrast, “if a business had to choose between ‘winning’ (being the market-leader in sales) with profits of $2 million or ‘losing’ (being second, third, or lower in earnings) with profits of $9 million, they would unhesitatingly choose ‘losing.’”

Indeed, even when a particular seller of milk, for example, is “out-competed” in the marketplace and is unable to sell any milk, he benefits from the actions of the rival producer. His rival has achieved efficiency and productivity, has made it possible for others to be more productive and efficient, and in turn has created wealth. When the competitor was unable to make a sale, he failed to achieve a new value, but he did not “lose” the sale. It never “belonged” to him in the first place, though he was free to attempt to gain it. That each individual competitor has produced milk does not constitute a right or entitlement to sell it or to deserve customers. Each has entered the competition voluntarily with a full knowledge of the potential gains and risks. When the milk-seller who “loses” has seen his rival devise new ways of reducing the price of milk, he may be motivated to enact such cost-saving measures himself, he may be driven to new levels of productivity, or he may discover that his talents are better suited to another profession (or even to going to work as an employee for his former rival).

Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Compiliation

From Rational Passion:

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Why so much Myrahf? Simple, because he is becoming our greatest and most prolific political commentator.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obamastock 2008

I had either forgot or did not know that Obama was to give his acceptance speech today in a bloody football stadium.

When I turned on the TV and saw the mostly filled stadium; when I saw that they were replaying sound bites from Martin Luther King's 'I have a Dream Speech'; when I saw that Al Gore, Stevie Wonder, and a singer from a popular band were going to be the opening acts... every ounce of hope and joy left my body.

The serious point I want to make, and will probably make in more detail in the coming week, is that this is America! It is a country whose politicians were not meant to be rock stars, kings, or deities. It is a country in which politicians were to have a single job, protect the rights of the individual citizens that make up the country. That a stadium is currently being filled to ordain a potential president of the United States of America is truly sickening.

We have upwards of a hundred thousand somewhat clean, well-dressed, hippies gathered together to sing Kum Bay Ya, My Lord. A hundred thousand mindless lefties bowing to their new king, their new messiah of hope. I am not a religious man, but I would gladly take an imaginary guy in the sky to the Obamessiah.

Forty years after Woodstock, all of our hippies are now grown up, and this is their big accomplishment: Obamastock '08.

Ammendum 11/4/2008:
Bombers turn into butterflies above Obamastock

My Visitors

Because I am striving to become a better blogger and to know my audience, I have been quite interested in the statistical information I can gather about my visitors: how they found my blog, where they are coming from, and how often they revisit.

I have set certain goals that I am trying to achieve, and thus when I received my first visitors from NYC, LA, and San Francisco, I was pleased. Then when I received my first visitors from England, Italy, India and China, I was even more pleased. But I have to say that today's visitor from Athens, Greece brought the most joy. I understand that besides geography and history there is little to no connection between ancient Greece with modern Greece. However, of all the place on earth that I revere, value, wish to protect, and would consider as holy land it is Greece that causes the most awe and demands the greatest pilgrimages.

If capitalism is to regain its place in America's culture, it is Athens, not Jerusalem, that America must revere. Not that capitalism's home is ancient Greece, but more importantly that Athens and Ancient Greece are the home to reason, political freedom and western civilization -- without these capitalism could not last and cannot return.

So if my Athens visitor returns, or more follow, "Kalosirthate".

Art of the Day

Genius of Electricity

Evelyn Beatrice Longman

photo by Lee Sandstead

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shared Values of the Democratic National Convention and the Beijing Olympics

The charade of the opening and closing ceremonies ended just in time for the over-the-top spending of the Democrats (you know the party that is supposed to be about helping the poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised) on their convention, i.e., a week long party to nominate their Presidential candidate who has been know for three months.

Both the Olympic ceremonies and the Convention is a farce, a way to inspire feelings and thoughts (about the Chinese Government and the America's Democratic leaders) that reality, the facts, and their other actions do not.

Why was it necessary for the Chinese Government to spend a half a billion dollars on their opening and closing ceremonies? Why is it that the Democrats must pretend to be rock stars for a week?

The purpose of the Olympics (in Ancient Greece) was to honor and promote individual accomplishment; a very large portion of the modern Olympics has been used to glorify Communism and Nationalism. The guiding light of the Democratic Party is no longer selling the world on goodness of their ideas and plans to build a better world (their ideas where never good, and the imaginary world was never better than the one that actual existed), but instead their purpose now is to make us feel the goodness of their ideas, while never stating those ideas too loudly.

The Chinese government hid, arrested, or kept their protesters out of view. No where to be seen in Denver are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Environmentalists, the Feminists, and most political left and vocal of their gang.

2008 Democratic Convention
Well, at least they can make themselves feel like rock stars!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bill Clinton: The Economist

From the LA Times, Top of the Ticket post, The Clinton-Obama turmoil continues in Denver; now it's Bill

Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly miffed that he's been given the assignment Wednesday night of selling Americans on Obama as a better commander-in-chief than Sen. John McCain, the all-but-official Republican presidential nominee.

Evidently, the former president would've preferred to talk about domestic policy and the economy in order to trash-talk the Republicans who he sees as destroying the prosperity and trend towards growing economic equality that characterized his presidency nearly a decade ago.

I want to laugh, but its not quite happening; isn't in ironic that the man who did his greatest work (i.e., nothing), while fraternizing with interns, thinks of himself as some sort of expert on domestic policy and the economy? The former governor of the poorest state in the Union!

Well, he does have more experience than Mr. Obama.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aristotle, by Sandra J. Shaw


Aristotle on Politics

A super-fantastic line from Aristotle on tyranny:

A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side.

Remind you of anything? Faith Forum

Also another, from Aristotle, that is such a perfect response to Obama:

Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope.