Friday, July 11, 2008


OPEC Warns War With Iran Would Cause 'Unlimited' Oil Price Hike

I had three thoughts in quick succesion upon reading this headline and the intro to this article.

1) Are you threatening us?

2) We've already got our own damn oil. Not to mention if we attack Iran, their oil is now ours. Not to mention Iran's oil was owned by us (American oil companies) long before it was nationalized by Iran.

3) So, what is your bloody point?

A few dollars more at the pump whether in the short term or long term is a small price to pay for my life and safety.

The things I would do if I was president!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time to Invade!


Iran Test-Fires Missiles Capable of Hitting Israeli, U.S. Bases

Days like this make me wish I could be president for a week. Meaning, a week is all it would and should take to add a new new notch to our imperialist bed post.



In my first blog post, I want to give you an inkling of what to expect.

As a former art dealer, who has a degree in genetics, a passion for philosophy, a love of American history, big business, great movies, and traveling, you are warned to expect opiniated, unconventional -- but hopefully well-reasoned -- thoughts on just about anything. I am going to try to stick to politics, enconomics, art and philosophy.

I hope to use the blog to advertise some of my favorite things, as well as a forum to rant about topics ranging from the evils of environmentalism to the stupdity of our next president. Yes, Bush is not the smartest man to have led this great country, but I fear our next president is going to really annoy me -- so I might as well get my fingers warmed up.