Monday, October 20, 2008

Wisdom Supporting Liberty

While stealing a beautiful piece from 3-Ring-Binder, I want to thank her for writing on such a wonderful piece of art and to share her recent discovery with my readers.

Wisdom Supporting Liberty, Jules Dalou

A second view...

From an intellectual, artistic perspective this piece is spectacular.

Wisdom Supporting Liberty...

It was Thomas Jefferson who said liberty requires constant vigilance. Jefferson was correct, liberty does require constant vigilance, but as we are now seeing around us, there is something much more important that liberty requires. She requires wisdom; she requires sophia; she requires requires philosophy.

Liberty is fragile. Liberty requires sophia! Philosophy must fight for, defend and explain the value of freedom. If America is to be saved, Americans must learn to heed philosophy's advice. If not, America and Western Civilization will go the the way of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. We will be no more. Liberty needs Wisdom.

Americans need to learn to think, learn to value reason. In order to support liberty, Americans must learn to revere wisdom; we must call her to our aid.

I have seen many great pieces of art, but few so eloquent. Two figures, representing two of our greatest and grandest abstractions. One woman, supporting a fallen one. One abstraction shown to be supported by a more fundamental one.

Pieces like this are why I love art. I only hope my countrymen love their lives enough to learn that freedom requires more than feelings, saying the pledge of allegiance and singing the our National Anthem at a few baseball games. We need more than a gut reaction to the approach of collectivism. I hope we can again learn that freedom requires the effort of their minds as much as the effort of our labor.

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